Thursday, April 21, 2016

EPIC 211089792b: an Inflated hot Jupiter in a Binary Star System

EPIC211089792 b: an aligned and inflated hot jupiter in a young visual binary


Santerne et al


In the present paper we report the discovery of a new hot Jupiter, EPIC211089792 b, first detected by the Super-WASP observatory and then by the K2 space mission during its campaign 4. The planet has a period of 3.25d, a mass of 0.73 +/- 0.04 Mjup, and a radius of 1.19 +/- 0.02 Rjup. The host star is a relatively bright (V=12.5) G7 dwarf with a nearby K5V companion. Based on stellar rotation and the abundance of Lithium, we find that the system might be as young as about 450 Myr. The observation of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect shows the planet is aligned with respect to the stellar spin. Given the deep transit (20mmag), the magnitude of the star and the presence of a nearby stellar companion, the planet is a good target for both space- and ground-based transmission spectroscopy, in particular in the near-infrared where the both stars are relatively bright.

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