Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Simulating Stellar Atmospheres Using Hydrodynamics to Help With Exoplanet Detection

Using hydrodynamical simulations of stellar atmospheres for periodogram standardization : application to exoplanet detection


Sulis et al


Our aim is to devise a detection method for exoplanet signatures (multiple sinusoids) that is both powerful and robust to partially unknown statistics under the null hypothesis. In the considered application, the noise is mostly created by the stellar atmosphere, with statistics depending on the complicated interplay of several parameters. Recent progresses in hydrodynamic (HD) simulations show however that realistic stellar noise realizations can be numerically produced off-line by astrophysicists. We propose a detection method that is calibrated by HD simulations and analyze its performances. A comparison of the theoretical results with simulations on synthetic and real data shows that the proposed method is powerful and robust.

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