Friday, September 9, 2016

Fundamental Parameters for 164 Evolved Stars


Wittenmyer et al


We present spectroscopic stellar parameters for the complete target list of 164 evolved stars from the Pan-Pacific Planet Search, a five-year radial velocity campaign using the 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope. For 87 of these bright giants, our work represents the first determination of their fundamental parameters. Our results carry typical uncertainties of 100 K, 0.15 dex, and 0.1 dex in Teff, logg, and [Fe/H] and are consistent with literature values where available. The derived stellar masses have a mean of 1.31+0.28−0.25 Msun, with a tail extending to ∼2 Msun, consistent with the interpretation of these targets as "retired" A-F type stars.

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