Wednesday, August 12, 2015

KMT-2015-1b: a 2 Jupiter Mass Exoplanet Orbiting a M Dwarf Beyond the Snowline

KMT-2015-1b: a Giant Planet Orbiting a Low-mass Dwarf Host Star Discovered by a New High-cadence Microlensing Survey with a Global Telescope Network


Hwang et al


We report the discovery of an extrasolar planet, KMT-2015-1b, that was detected using the microlensing technique. The planetary lensing event was observed by KMTNet survey that has commenced in 2015. With dense coverage by using network of globally distributed telescopes equipped with very wide-field cameras, the short planetary signal is clearly detected and precisely characterized. We find that KMT-2015-1b is a giant planet orbiting a low-mass M-dwarf host star. The planet has a mass about twice that of Jupiter and it is located beyond the snow line of the host star. With the improvement of existing surveys and the advent of new surveys, future microlensing planet samples will include planets not only in greatly increased number but also in a wide spectrum of hosts and planets, helping us to have a better and comprehensive understanding about the formation and evolution of planets.

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