Thursday, February 2, 2017

K2-60b & EPIC 216468514b: a hot Jupiter and hot Saturn


Eigmüller et al


We report the characterization and independant detection of K2-60b, as well as the detection and characterization of EPIC 216468514b, two transiting hot gaseous planets from the K2 space mission. We confirm the planetary nature of the two systems and determine their fundamental parameters combining the K2 time-series data with FIES@NOT and HARPS-N@TNG spectroscopic observations. K2-60b has a radius of 0.683 +/- 0.037 RJup and a mass of 0.426 +/- 0.037 MJup and orbits a G4V star with an orbital period of 3.00267 +/- 0.00006 days. EPIC 216468514b has a radius of 1.44 +/- 0.15RJup and a mass of 0.84 +/- 0.08 MJup and orbits an F9 IV star every 3.31392 +/- 0.00002 days. K2-60b is among the few planets at the edge of the so-called "desert" of short-period sub Jovian planets. EPIC 216468514b is a highly inflated Jovian planet orbiting an evolved star about to leave the main sequence.

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