Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HD 128311 Exoplanetary System Reexamined

Reanalysis of radial velocity data from the resonant planetary system HD128311


Rein et al


The multi-planetary system HD128311 hosts at least two planets. Its dynamical formation history has been studied extensively in the literature. We reanalyse the latest radial velocity data for this system with the affine-invariant Markov chain Monte Carlo sampler EMCEE. Using the high order integrator IAS15, we perform a fully dynamical fit, allowing the planets to interact during the sampling process. A stability analysis using the MEGNO indicator reveals that the system is located in a stable island of the parameter space. In contrast to a previous study, we find that the system is locked in a 2:1 mean motion resonance. The resonant angle φ1 is librating with a libration amplitude of approximately 37{\deg}. The existence of mean motion resonances has important implication for planet formation theories. Our results confirm predictions of models involving planet migration and stochastic forces.

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