Tuesday, May 24, 2016

K2-3 & K2-26 Systems Observed by Spitzer

Spitzer Observations of Exoplanets Discovered with The Kepler K2 Mission


Beichman et al


We have used the Spitzer Space Telescope to observe two transiting planetary systems orbiting low mass stars discovered in the Kepler K2 mission. The system K2-3 (EPIC 201367065) hosts three planets while EPIC 202083828 (K2-26) hosts a single planet. Observations of all four objects in these two systems confirm and refine the orbital and physical parameters of the planets. The refined orbital information and more precise planet radii possible with Spitzer will be critical for future observations of these and other K2 targets. For K2-3b we find marginally significant evidence for a Transit Timing Variation between the K2 and Spitzer epochs.

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