Thursday, June 2, 2016

EPIC210957318b & EPIC212110888b: An independent discovery of two hot Jupiters

An independent discovery of two hot Jupiters from the K2 mission


Brahm et al


We report the discovery of two hot Jupiters using photometry from Campaigns 4 and 5 of the two-wheeled Kepler (K2) mission. EPIC210957318b has a mass of 0.65±0.14MJ, a radius of 1.070±0.018RJ and transits its G dwarf (Teff=5675±50 K), slightly metal rich ([Fe/H]=+0.06±0.04 dex) host star in a 4.1 days circular orbit. EPIC212110888b has a mass of 1.63±0.12MJ, a radius of 1.38±0.014RJ and has an orbital period of 3.0 days in which it orbits a late F dwarf (Teff=6149±55 K) solar metallicity star. Both planets were validated probabilistically and confirmed via precision radial velocity (RV) measurements. They have physical and orbital properties similar to the ones of the already uncovered population of hot Jupiters and are well-suited candidates for further orbital and atmospheric characterization via detailed follow-up observations.

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