Thursday, June 16, 2016

WASP-157b: a Transiting Hot Jupiter Observed with K2

WASP-157b, a Transiting Hot Jupiter Observed with K2


Močnik et al


We announce the discovery of the transiting hot Jupiter WASP-157b in a 3.95-d orbit around a V = 12.9 G2 main-sequence star. This moderately inflated planet has a Saturn-like density with a mass of 0.57±0.10 MJup and radius 1.04±0.04 RJup. The small projected stellar rotational velocity of 1.0±0.9 km s−1 suggests that the host star is a slow rotator or that the star rotates close to pole-on. We do not detect any rotational or phase-curve modulations, nor the secondary eclipse, with conservative semi-amplitude upper limits of 250 and 30 ppm, respectively.

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