Friday, June 24, 2016

Remnant Planetary Systems Around Bright White Dwarfs

Remnant Planetary Systems Around Bright White Dwarfs


Barber et al


We cross-correlate several sources of archival photometry for 1265 bright (V∼16 mag) white dwarfs (WDs) with available high signal-to-noise spectroscopy. We find 381 WDs with archival Spitzer+IRAC data and investigate this subsample for infrared excesses due to circumstellar dust. This large data set reveals 15 dusty WDs, including three new debris disks and the hottest WD known to host dust (WD 0010+280). We study the frequency of debris disks at WDs as function of mass. The frequency peaks at 12.5% for 0.7-0.75 M⊙ WDs (with 3 M⊙ main-sequence star progenitors) and falls off for stars more massive than this, which mirrors predicted planet occurrence rates for stars of different masses.

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