Friday, January 27, 2017

EPIC 219388192B: a hot Brown Dwarfin a 5.3 day Orbit


Nowak et al


We report the discovery of EPIC 219388192 b, a transiting brown dwarf in a 5.3-day orbit around a member star of Ruprecht-147, the oldest nearby open cluster association, which was photometrically monitored by K2 during its Campaign 7. We combine the K2 time-series data with ground-based adaptive optics imaging and high resolution spectroscopy to rule out false positive scenarios and determine the main parameters of the system. EPIC 219388192 b has a radius of Rb=0.937±0.042~RJup and mass of Mb=36.50±0.09~MJup, yielding a mean density of 59.0±8.1~gcm−3. The host star is nearly a Solar twin with mass M⋆=0.99±0.05~M⊙, radius R⋆=1.01±0.04~R⊙, effective temperature Teff=5850±85~K and iron abundance [Fe/H]=0.03±0.08~dex. Its age, spectroscopic distance, and reddening are consistent with those of Ruprecht-147, corroborating its cluster membership. EPIC 219388192 b is the first brown dwarf with precise determinations of mass, radius and age, and serves as benchmark for evolutionary models in the sub-stellar regime.

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