Friday, November 10, 2017

On The Existence of Planets Around the Pulsar PSR B0329+54

On The Existence of Planets Around the Pulsar PSR B0329+54 

Starovoit et al

Results of timing measurements of the pulsar PSR B0329+54 obtained in 1968--2012 using the Big Scanning Antenna of the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory (at 102 and 111 MHz), the DSS 13 and DSS 14 telescopes of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2388 MHz), and the 64 m telescope of the Kalyazin Radio Astronomy Observatory (610 MHz) are presented. The astrometric and rotational parameters of the pulsar are derived at a new epoch. Periodic variations in the barycentric timing residuals have been found, which can be explained by the presence of a planet orbiting the pulsar, with an orbital period P1 = 27.8 yr, mass \textit{mc}sin\textit{i} = 2M⊕, and orbital semi-major axis a = 10.26 AU. The results of this study do not confirm existence of a proposed second planet with orbital period P2 = 3 yr.

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