Monday, December 22, 2014

Warm Neptune Simulated Atmospheric Chemistries

Influence of different parameters on the chemical composition of warm neptunes


Olivia et al


We developed a 1D photo-thermochemical model to study the atmosphere of warm exoplanets. The chemical scheme used in this model is completely new in planetology and has been constructed in collaboration with specialists of combustion. It has been validated as a whole through experiments on a large range of temperature (300 - 2500 K) and pressure (1 mbar - 100 bar), allowing to study a wide variety of exoplanets. We have used this chemical model to study the atmosphere of two warm Neptunes, GJ3470b and GJ436b, and the influence of different parameters (vertical mixing, metallicity, temperature, . . . ) on their chemical composition. We present here the results obtained in these studies.

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