Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where Are The Circumbinary Planets of Contact Binaries?

Where Are The Circumbinary Planets of Contact Binaries?


Demircan et al


Up to present date, no circumbinary planet around contact binaries were discovered neither by transit method nor by the minima times variation, although they are known having third component stars around. We thus ask: where are the circumbinary planets of contact binaries?

By considering the physical and geometrical parameters we simulated the light curves of contact binaries with possible transiting circumbinary jovian planets.

It seems either the circumbinary jovian planets are not formed around contact binaries, probably due to dynamical effects of the binary and third component stars, or they are present but the discovery of such planets were not possible so far due to larger distortions then expected in the photometric data and in the minima times.

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