Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where Does the Ice-line Exists in the Circumbinary Protoplanetary Disks?

On the location of the ice line in circumbinary discs


Shadmehri et al


Position of the ice line in a circumbinary disc is determined using a simplified and illustrative model. Main sources of the heat in the energy balance of the disc, i.e. heating by the turbulence, irradiation by the components of the binary and the tidal heating are considered. Our goal is to clarify role of the tidal heating in the position of the ice line. When viscous heating and irradiation of the binary are considered, ice line lies interior to the inner radius of the disc in most of the binaries represented by our parameter survey. But tidal heating significantly extends position of the ice line to a larger radius, so that a smaller fraction of the circumbinaries' population may have ice lines interior to the inner radius of the disc.

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