Friday, July 10, 2015

Blurring the Lines: J111010.01+011613.1, a new Planetary Mass T Class Brown Dwarf Found

SDSS J111010.01+011613.1: A New Planetary-Mass T Dwarf Member of the AB Doradus Moving Group


Gagné et al


We present a new radial velocity measurement that, together with a trigonometric parallax, proper motion and signs of low gravity from the literature, confirms that SDSS J111010.01+011613.1 is a new T5.5 bona fide member of AB Doradus. Fitting λ/Δλ ≈ 6000 FIRE spectroscopy in the 1.20-1.33 μm region to BT-Settl atmosphere models yielded a radial velocity of 7.5±3.8 km s−1. At such a young age (110-130 Myr), current evolution models predict a mass of ∼ 10-12 MJup, thus placing SDSS J1110+0116 well into the planetary-mass regime. We compare the fundamental properties of SDSS J1110+0116 with a sequence of seven recently identified M8-T5 brown dwarf bona fide or high-confidence candidate members of AB Doradus. We also note that its near-infrared J−K color is redder than field T5-T6 brown dwarfs, however its absolute J-band magnitude is similar to them. SDSS J1110+0116 is one of the few age-calibrated T dwarfs known to date, as well as one of the coolest bona fide members of a young moving group.

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