Thursday, July 23, 2015

HD 164595b: a hot Neptune Around a Solar Analog

The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets VIII. A warm Neptune orbiting HD164595


Courcol et al


High-precision radial velocity surveys are exploring the population of low-mass exoplanets orbiting bright stars, allowing to derive their orbital parameters accurately, their occurrence rate as well as the statistical distribution of their properties with the aim of constraining planetary models of formation and evolution. The SOPHIE spectrograph has been continuously improved these last years and thanks to an appropriate correction of systematic instrumental drift is now reaching the 2 m/s precision in radial velocity measurements on all time scales. As part of a dedicated radial velocity survey devoting to search for low mass planets around a sample of 190 bright solar-type stars in the northern hemisphere, we report the detection of a warm Neptune with a minimum mass of 16.1 +- 2.7 Mearth orbiting in 40 +- 0.24 days the solar analog HD164595. We also revised the parameters of the muti-planetary system around HD190360. We discuss this new detection in the context of the upcoming space mission CHEOPS devoted to a transit search of bright stars harboring known exoplanets.

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