Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anomalous precession of planets on a Weyl conformastatic solution

Anomalous precession of planets on a Weyl conformastatic solution


Capistrano et al


In this paper, we investigate the anomalous planets precession in the so-called nearly-newtonian gravitational regime. This limit is obtained from the application of the slow motion condition to the geodesic equations without altering the geodesic deviation equations, which leads to an intermediate gravitational field stronger than the newtonian one. Using a non-standard expression for the perihelion advance from the Weyl conformastatic vacuum solution as a model, we can describe the anomaly in planets precession compared with different observational data from Ephemerides of the Planets and the Moon (EPM2008 and EPM2011) and Planetary and Lunar Ephemeris (INPOP10a). As a result, using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm and calculating the related Chi-squared statistic, we find that the anomaly is statistical irrelevant in accordance with INPOP10a observations. As a complement to this work, we also do application to the relativistic precession of giant planets using observational data calibrated with the EPM2011.

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