Thursday, October 20, 2016

Qatar-3b, Qatar-4b and Qatar-5b: Three new hot Jupiters From the Qatar Exoplanet Survey


Alsubai et al


We report the discovery of Qatar-3b, Qatar-4b, and Qatar-5b, three new transiting planets identified by the Qatar Exoplanet Survey (QES). The three planets belong to the hot Jupiter family, with orbital periods of PQ3b=2.5079204 days, PQ4b=1.8053949 days, and PQ5b=2.8792319 days. Follow-up spectroscopic observations reveal the masses of the planets to be MQ3b=4.31MJ, MQ4b=5.85MJ, and MQ5b=4.32MJ, while model fits to the transit light curves yield radii of RQ3b=1.096RJ, RQ4b=1.552RJ, and RQ5b=1.107RJ. No evidence of eccentric orbit is seen in the radial velocity curve of any of the planets. The host stars are typical main sequence stars with masses and radii MQ3=1.145M⊙, MQ4=0.954M⊙, MQ5=1.128M⊙ and RQ3=1.272R⊙, RQ4=1.115R⊙ and RQ5=1.076R⊙ for the Qatar-3, 4 and 5 respectively. All three new planets can be classified as heavy hot Jupiters (M > 4 MJ), while Qatar-5 is among the most metal-rich stars known to host a planet.

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