Friday, September 8, 2017

A Superjupiter/Small Brown Dwarf in a 10 AU Orbit Around its Host Star

A companion on the planet/brown dwarf mass boundary on a wide orbit discovered by gravitational microlensing


Poleski et al

We present the discovery of a substellar companion to the primary host lens in the microlensing event MOA-2012-BLG-006. The companion-to-host mass ratio is 0.016, corresponding to a companion mass of ≈8 MJup(M∗/0.5M⊙). Thus, the companion is either a high-mass giant planet or a low-mass brown dwarf, depending on the mass of the primary M∗. The companion signal was separated from the peak of the primary event by a time that was as much as four times longer than the event timescale. We therefore infer a relatively large projected separation of the companion from its host of ≈10 a.u.(M∗/0.5M⊙)1/2 for a wide range (3-7 kpc) of host star distances from the Earth. We also challenge a previous claim of a planetary companion to the lens star in microlensing event OGLE-2002-BLG-045.

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