Thursday, September 28, 2017

EPIC 228735255b: an eccentric 6.57 day transiting hot Jupiter in Virgo

EPIC 228735255b - An eccentric 6.57 day transiting hot Jupiter in Virgo


Giles et al


We present the discovery of EPIC 228735255b, a P= 6.57 days Jupiter-mass (MP=1.019±0.070 MJup) planet transiting a V=12.5 (G5-spectral type) star in an eccentric orbit (e=0.120+0.056−0.046) detected using a combination of K2 photometry and ground-based observations. With a radius of 1.095±0.018RJup the planet has a bulk density of 0.726±0.062ρJup. The host star has a [Fe/H] of 0.12±0.045, and from the K2 light curve we find a rotation period for the star of 16.3±0.1 days. This discovery is the 9th hot Jupiter from K2 and highlights K2's ability to detect transiting giant planets at periods slightly longer than traditional, ground-based surveys. This planet is slightly inflated, but much less than others with similar incident fluxes. These are of interest for investigating the inflation mechanism of hot Jupiters.

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