Sunday, September 24, 2017

Be discs in binary systems: II. Misaligned orbits

Be discs in binary systems: II. Misaligned orbits


Cyr et al

We use a smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) code to examine the effects of misaligned binary companions on Be star discs. We systematically vary the degree of misalignment between the disc and the binary orbit, as well as the disc viscosity and orbital period to study their effects on the density in the inner and outer parts of the disc. We find that varying the degree of misalignment, the viscosity, and the orbital period affects both the truncation radius and the density structure of the outer disc, while the inner disc remains mostly unaffected. We also investigate the tilting of the disc in the innermost part of the disc and find the tilt increases with radius until reaching a maximum around 5 stellar radii. The direction of the line of nodes, with respect to the equator of the central star, is found to be offset compared to the orbital line of nodes, and to vary periodically in time, with a period of half a orbital phase. We also compare the scale height of our discs with the analytical scale height of an isothermal disc, which increases with radius as r1.5. We find that this formula reproduces the scale height well for both aligned and misaligned systems but underestimates the scale height in regions of the disc where density enhancements develop.

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