Friday, August 5, 2016

Circum Pulsar Disks Detected Around PSR 1931+24 & B0656+14

About detection of precessing circumpulsar disks




Detections of circumpulsar disks and planetary systems through electromagnetic observations appear quite rare. In the case of PSR 1931+24 and B0656+14, the hypothesis of a precessing disk penetrating the pulsar light cylinder is found consistent with radio and gamma observations from these stars. Disk self-occultation and precession may affect electromagnetic measurements. We investigate here under which conditions gravitational waves generated by circumpulsar disk precession may be detected by the proposed second generation space interferometers DECIGO (DECI-hertz Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) and BBO (Big Bang Observer). The characteristics of circumpulsar detectable precessing disks are estimated as a function of distance from the Solar System. Speculations on detection rates are presented.

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