Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Studying the HD 41004AB Circumbinary System

Circumstellar multi-planetary systems in binary stars: secular resonances and a semi-analytical approach to determine the location


Pilat-Lohinger et al


Binary stars are of special interest for studies of planetary motion and habitability as most of the stars in the solar neighborhood are part of such stellar systems. Since a secondary star causes gravitational perturbations the planetary motion is restricted to certain regions of the phase space depending on the binary configuration. In case a binary system hosts a giant planet it is obvious that additional perturbations will occur. These perturbations will be studied in detail in this investigation where we take into account various binary-planet configurations. We show how the dynamics of another test-planet is influenced by mean motion and secular resonances. Therefore, it is important to know the locations of these resonances. First, we study the binary system HD41004AB to visualize the perturbations on the dynamics of test-planets caused by the secondary star and the detected giant planet. Then we perform a frequency analysis of the orbits to identify of the secular resonance. And finally, we develop a new semi-analytical approach to determine the location of this resonance.

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