Friday, January 22, 2016

Variable WZ Sagittae is Eating an L Class Brown Dwarf

Direct Detection of the L-Dwarf Donor in WZ Sagittae




Analysis of a large set of phase-resolved K-band spectra of the cataclysmic variable WZ Sge shows that the secondary star of this system appears to be an L-dwarf. Previous K-band spectra of WZ Sge found that the CO overtone bandheads were in emission. We show that absorption from the 12CO(2,0) bandhead of the donor star creates a dip in the 12CO(2,0) emission feature. Measuring the motion of this feature over the orbital period, we construct a radial velocity curve that gives a velocity amplitude of Kabs = 520 ± 35 km s−1, consistent with the previously published values for this parameter.

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