Thursday, January 14, 2016

WASP-135b: an Inflated hot Jupiter in a 1.4 day Orbit Around a G5 Dwarf Star

WASP-135b: a highly irradiated, inflated hot Jupiter orbiting a G5V star


Spake et al


We report the discovery of a new transiting planet from the WASP survey. WASP-135b is a hot Jupiter with a radius of 1.30 pm 0.09 Rjup, a mass of 1.90 pm 0.08 Mjup and an orbital period of 1.401 days. Its host is a Sun-like star, with a G5 spectral type and a mass and radius of 0.98 pm 0.06 Msun and 0.96 pm 0.05 Rsun respectively. The proximity of the planet to its host means that WASP-135b receives high levels of insolation, which may be the cause of its inflated radius. Additionally, we find weak evidence of a transfer of angular momentum from the planet to its star.

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