Thursday, January 28, 2016

KIC 8462852 did NOT Fade During the Last 100 Years (hint: calibration is IMPORTANT!)

KIC 8462852 did likely not fade during the last 100 years


Hippke et al


A recent analysis found a "completely unprecedented" dimming of 0.165±0.013 magnitudes per century in the F3 main sequence star KIC8462852. This star is interesting, as it shows episodes of day-long dips with up to 20% dimming of unknown origin. We re-analyze the same Harvard archival Johnson B photometry and find comparable dimmings, and structural breaks, for 18 of 28 checked F-dwards (64%) in the Kepler field of view. We conclude that the Harvard plates photometry suffers from imperfect long-term (1890--1989) calibration. The most likely explanation for the century-long dimming of KIC8462852 is thus a data artefact, and it is probably not of astrophysical origin.

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