Saturday, August 26, 2017

Collisions between Sintered Icy Aggregates

Collisions between Sintered Icy Aggregates


Sirono et al


Collisions between sintered icy dust aggregates are numerically simulated. If the temperature of an icy aggregate is sufficiently high, sintering promotes molecular transport and a neck between adjacent grains grows. This growth changes the mechanical responses of the neck. We included this effect in a simulation code, and conducted collisional simulations. For porous aggregates, the critical velocity for growth, below which the mass of an aggregate increases, decreased from 50 m s−1 for the non-sintered case to 20 m s−1. For compacted aggregates, the main collisional outcome is bouncing. These results come from the fact that the strength of the neck is increased by sintering. The numerical results suggest that the collisional growth of icy grain aggregates is strongly affected by sintering.

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